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Natural Beauty - The First Leg
   Familiarity!   A couple of years back, as a precursor trip, a few of us spent a month riding in Southern Chile and Argentina.  The entire time, we not only felt safe in our travels, but met many wonderful people along the way.  A great way to start this journey is by returning to Santiago,  and visiting our old friend, Juan, to purchase our motorcycles.  Chile is very easy to purchase a motorcycle in, so the trip once again begins here.   Over half of the first leg of the trip is an area we have seen before. We will head south on the Chilean freeway until the lakeside vacation town of Pucon, who's beautiful volcano looming nearby erupted in January 2014.  Then we will head up over the Andes Mountains and into the Lakes District of Argentina. Again heading south, we will re-enter Chile somewhere on the northern end of the Carretera Austral and re-visit this wonderful, lonely road.  Re-entering Argentina near the southern end of the Austral highway, from here it will all become new for us.  Riding south in the Patagonian desert, probably battling the famous intense winds, we will pass Perito Moreno glacier, before visiting the amazing Torres del Paine park in southern Chile.  Again crossing in to Argentina, we head to Ushuaia, the Southernmost city in the world.  Technically, it is from here that our true objective, driving the Panamerican highway, actually begins.
Planned date - November 25 - December 14, 2016
1Thursday, November 24, 2016Fly out of Canada
2Friday, November 25, 2016Arriv Santiago, Chile
3Saturday, November 26, 2016Santiago, Chile
4Sunday, November 27, 2016Santiago, Chile
5Monday, November 28, 2016Santiago, Chile
6Tuesday, November 29, 2016Valparaiso, Chile
7Wednesday, November 30, 2016Vina Santa Cruz, Chile
8Thursday, December 01, 2016Rio Laja, Chile
9Friday, December 02, 2016Pucon, Chile
10Saturday, December 03, 2016bariloche, Argentina
11Sunday, December 04, 2016bariloche, Argentina
12Monday, December 05, 2016Futaleufú, Chile
13Tuesday, December 06, 2016Laguna De Las Torres, Chile
14Wednesday, December 07, 2016Puerto Rio Tranquillo, Chile
15Thursday, December 08, 2016Bajo Caracoles, Argentina
16Friday, December 09, 2016La Leona, Argentina
17Saturday, December 10, 2016Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
18Sunday, December 11, 2016Torres Del Paine, Chile
19Monday, December 12, 2016Punta Arenas, Chile
20Tuesday, December 13, 2016Ushuiai, Argentina
21Wednesday, December 14, 2016Ushuiai, Argentina
22Thursday, December 15, 2016Punta Delgada, Chile
23Friday, December 16, 2016Puerto San Julian, Argentina
24Saturday, December 17, 2016Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
25Sunday, December 18, 2016Puerto Madryn, Argentina
26Monday, December 19, 2016Playa Dorados, Argentina
27Tuesday, December 20, 2016Rio Colorado, Argentina
28Wednesday, December 21, 2016Azul, Argentina
29Thursday, December 22, 2016Spare (unbooked)
30Friday, December 23, 2016Beunos Airies, Argentina
31Saturday, December 24, 2016Beunos Airies, Argentina
32Sunday, December 25, 2016Beunos Airies, Argentina
33Monday, December 26, 2016Fly to Iguazu Falls and back
34Tuesday, December 27, 2016Beunos Airies, Argentina
35Wednesday, December 28, 2016Rosario
36Thursday, December 29, 2016Cordoba, Argentina
37Friday, December 30, 2016Santiago Del Estero, Argentina
38Saturday, December 31, 2016Salta, Argentina
39Sunday, January 01, 2017Purmarca, Argentina
40Monday, January 02, 2017Tupiza, Bolivia
41Tuesday, January 03, 2017Uyuni, Bolivia
42Wednesday, January 04, 2017Uyuni, Bolivia
43Thursday, January 05, 2017Oruro, Bolivia
44Friday, January 06, 2017La Paz, Bolivia
45Saturday, January 07, 2017Juliaca, Peru
46Sunday, January 08, 2017Ollantaytambo, Peru
47Monday, January 09, 2017Machu Picchu
48Tuesday, January 10, 2017Cusco, Peru
49Wednesday, January 11, 2017Cusco, Peru
50Thursday, January 12, 2017Cusco, Peru
51Friday, January 13, 2017Chalhuanca District, Peru
52Saturday, January 14, 2017Ica, Peru
53Sunday, January 15, 2017Ica, Peru
54Monday, January 16, 2017Lima, Peru
55Tuesday, January 17, 2017Lima, Peru
56Wednesday, January 18, 2017Caraz, Peru
57Thursday, January 19, 2017Chiclayo, Peru
58Friday, January 20, 2017Mancora, Peru
59Saturday, January 21, 2017Cuenca, Ecuador
60Sunday, January 22, 2017Cuenca, Ecuador
61Monday, January 23, 2017Quito, Ecuador 
62Tuesday, January 24, 2017Quito, Ecuador 
63Wednesday, January 25, 2017Pasto, Colombia
64Thursday, January 26, 2017Near Cali, Columbia
65Friday, January 27, 2017San Cipriano, Colombia
66Saturday, January 28, 2017Pablo Escobars house, Colombia
67Sunday, January 29, 2017Guatape, Colombia
68Monday, January 30, 2017Monteria, Colombia
69Tuesday, January 31, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
70Wednesday, February 01, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
71Thursday, February 02, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
72Friday, February 03, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
73Saturday, February 04, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
74Sunday, February 05, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
75Monday, February 06, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
76Tuesday, February 07, 2017Cartagena, Colombia
77Wednesday, February 08, 2017Sailing San Blas
78Thursday, February 09, 2017Sailing San Blas
79Friday, February 10, 2017Sailing San Blas
80Saturday, February 11, 2017Sailing San Blas
81Sunday, February 12, 2017Sailing San Blas
82Monday, February 13, 2017Panama (get bikes from Customs
83Tuesday, February 14, 2017Playa Blanca, Panama
84Wednesday, February 15, 2017David District, Panama
85Thursday, February 16, 2017Punta Arenas, Costa Rica
86Friday, February 17, 2017Managua, Nicaragua
87Saturday, February 18, 2017Choluteca, Honduras
88Sunday, February 19, 2017La Liberdad Area, El Salvador
89Monday, February 20, 2017Antiqua, Guatamuala
90Tuesday, February 21, 2017Semuc Champey, Guatamuala
91Wednesday, February 22, 2017to Tikal, Guatamuala
92Thursday, February 23, 2017Palenque, Mexico
93Friday, February 24, 2017Cosamoalitian, Mexico
94Saturday, February 25, 2017Teotehuican, Mexico
95Sunday, February 26, 2017Mexico City, Mexico
96Monday, February 27, 2017Mexico City, Mexico
97Tuesday, February 28, 2017Guadalahara, Mexico
98Wednesday, March 01, 2017Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
99Thursday, March 02, 2017Mazatlan, mexico
100Friday, March 03, 2017Baja Ferry to La Paz, Mexico
101Saturday, March 04, 2017Cuidad Insrgentes
102Sunday, March 05, 2017San Ignatio Lagoon, Mexico
103Monday, March 06, 2017Punta Final, Mexico
104Tuesday, March 07, 2017San Filipe, Mexico
105Wednesday, March 08, 2017Ensenada, Mexico
106Thursday, March 09, 2017Agoura Hills, USA
107Friday, March 10, 2017San Francisco
108Saturday, March 11, 2017San Francisco
109Sunday, March 12, 2017Hayfork
110Monday, March 13, 2017Beatty
111Tuesday, March 14, 2017Biggs Junction
112Wednesday, March 15, 2017To Home

The route shown above is an extremely general guidline.  As with all travel, but especially by motorcycle, things change a fair bit on the fly.  When we hear about something we really want to see and it is off the route, we will re-route accordingly.
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