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Planning & Tips
Sponsors/Parners on board
We already have agreements in place with the following suppliers.  We researched all gear fairly extensively, to make sure the product was well suited to overland motorcycle travel.  We are excited to have these suppliers parnering with us and our adventure.  Stay tuned for reviews and demos. 

JetBoil - Absolutely the best cookstove for small motorcycle travel.  This thing boils water in minutes (even has an indicator on the side when it's done) but can also work with all your other camp pots so there really isnt a limit to what you can do.  Packs away into itself for easy storage.
Tents, mattresses and sleeping bags, Eureka makes them all.  High quality products without the premium price tag, The eureka one man tents pack up super small.  The Singlis air mattress is also tiny but inflates to 2 1/2" thick.  Nothing more important than a good night's sleep.  Eureka also has top notch sleeping bags.  

Stallion Manufacturing produces an advanced tire management solution and tire sealant product to meet.   Why carry a bunch of tools to fix a flat?   Before starting your ride, simply fill your tires (tube or tubeless) with Stallion and go.  Punctures instantly seal themselves!  Click the logo to find out more.   Follow our adventure to see it in use!

Pivothead Sunglasses - 
Our primary source of video footage will be from these!   With Pivothead, the optics are on par with many action cameras, but being in the "sunglass" format, not only are they always with you, but you dont look like the idiot tourist walking around with a Go Pro.   The other advantage is that Pivothead can be recording at times when other options may not be acceptable (think police officer trying to get a bribe).  I have even tested these indoors sitting on the brim of my hat, and the image is excellent.

Heated Gear??  Try TORCH!
Instead of using the typical electic vests, when the ride gets cold, we are going to use TORCH, the universal coat heater, which I think may be way more adaptive than a typical electric vest. This little gizmo runs off an independent battery (for 5 hours!), which means you could even use it in a sleeping bag if it got too cold over night!   Click the logo to find out more about Torch.

  Overboard bags have graciously helped us out with some of our outfitting.   Awesome, fully waterproof bags, excellent for motorcycle travel.  Click on their logo to see more.

Industrial Plastics in Nanaimo

Helped us by custom designing our "expand-a-racks".   These are designed to take a small, stock rack (or bikes without racks entirely) and give you a larger tie down surface.   In our case, we will zip tie these to the existing rack, keeping our gear away from the exhaust, signals and rear brake light.   Industrial Plastics can create a rack in any size you might need.  Click on logo to visit their site.

Importations Thibault
 has helped us aquire some of our film equipment at a substantial discount.  Click on the logo to see more. (in particular, I was impressed with the Scott riding gear, which could possibly be next for me.)

Doug Shorrock
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