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The End of the Road - Leg #6
This will be the final leg of the Panamerican Highway.  Once the weather permits, we will head to the northern tip of Vancouver Island and board the ferry to Prince Rupert.  From there, we will travel into the Yukon and on to Alaska.  The end of the road is Prudhoe Bay on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  I'm pretty sure after all that time spent in the saddle, rather than turn around and ride back the way we came, a truck might be a good idea.

Planned date - July of 2017
Leg approximates  - 4100kms in 14 days (292km per day average)
TOTAL SO FAR 31,600 kms

This final leg of the trip is in no way guaranteed to happen.  After over 25,000 kms returning from the initial trip, the comfort of our homes might be more important to us than "finishing" the Panamerican Highway.  We may want to spend the time with our families, or even more importantly, our dogs (at over 3 months gone already... that is about 1/50th of our dog's life span!)
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